Gallery Underground

Ten artists in Historic Downtown Kennewick showing paintings, photographs and pottery. Art demonstrations on First Thursday Art Walk.

Greg Ashby

I have been hanging around the Tri-City art scene since the mid-nineties. With a variety of subjects including Castles, Ghosts, Other-Worldly Landscapes, or sometimes just a beer garden or two. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes humorous. I proud to be part of the Gallery Underground and the artists who are part of it.

Carol Betker

I have been painting in acrylic and oils for MANY years with 20+ years of teaching art in public education in WA State. My inspiration comes from the vast heavenly creation, moments of time, and my husband’s wildlife photography which provides great detail.  We reside in Kennewick on 2 acres with a family of pheasants, quail and an occasional visit from a neighbor’s peacock.

Pat Fleming

I spent several years working as a Graphic Artist for engineering companies before returning to school to teach art. I started digging and processing local clay in 1970 and have been making pottery and ceramic sculpture from it since then. There was a time when you could use my coffee mugs, soup bowls and ash trays in several local restaurants. I did commercial pottery for The Bon and Cole’s Plant Soils Inc. as well as regional flower and garden shops. Ceramics Monthly has printed three of my articles on using native earth as ceramic material.

This will be my 50th year of teaching art. Kennewick Community School, though closed for the pandemic, will offer three classes in the spring if we can. In essence, this work has become the most interesting thing I do.

Bill Hermanns

I’ve been painting on and off for most of my life. Other than a few work shops, my only art training was in high school, however, I have always studied the work of other artists. My work has always leaned towards the abstract although sometimes I feel the need to create something more representational. I have always been fascinated with color and most of my paintings reflect that. I paint mostly in acrylics, either on canvas or paper. After a lifetime of creating art for myself, I am just now starting to display my work to the public. My hope is that you will enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Lisa Kaiser

I find art interesting regardless of education and culture, or the technologies used in the creation of images created for the walls of homes and businesses. While painting a perfect reproduction of reality is the goal for some amazing artists, my goal is to fall short of that and focus on the image. As an imagist, I like undefined or abstract lines because every painting can have multiple interpretations. Instead of looking at an object and attempting to paint what I see as I was taught in art school, I splatter paint, spatula it around, and create shapes until a painting emerges. I am as eager to find out what is going to happen on each and every canvas.

After I complete a painting, I photograph my work and the final process is at the computer using software that hopefully creates a quality print with textures that match the original painting. Because my studio is small, I have chosen to preserve the integrity of my artwork in digital technology. Thank you for reading my bio and visiting my gallery. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


Barb Thrall

In my images the general intention may be somewhat nebulous, but I desire to present calm and peace through abstraction or a painterly intention. I start with an inspiration from perhaps a song or movie, present life or an experience and turn it into a photograph. A botanical scene can be extravagant and detailed but look effortless. It’s interesting in what happens when reality intersects with imagination. With much of my work I dance between a realistic photographic image and digital painting. When people experience my work, I want them to see the photograph through their own experience and perhaps see mine. What happens when an image of a flower or a landscape can evoke an emotion, an inspiration or a shared experience?

I am a fine art photographer based in Richland, Washington. My work has been featured in joint and solo exhibitions, online publications, various printed materials and won awards at juried art shows. When I’m not taking photos of flowers, I can probably be found in my little flower “farm” encouraging my next subjects to grow.